The Keller Student Portal is a safe and easy way for students at DeVry University’s Keller Graduate School of Management to access school-related materials and services.

All current Keller College students have access to the Student Portal. Click the “Student Login” button in the top right corner of the site to get entry. After logging in, students get access to a wealth of materials, such as:

Students get access to their online classrooms and course resources, including syllabi, assignments, and readings.
Students can check their grades and transcripts and even get official transcripts if they need them.

Billing and financial aid: Students can see their billing information and financial assistance documents like award letters and loan repayment histories.

Students have access to academic counsellors and can make appointments, get transcripts, and more.

Resume critique, job search guidance, and career fairs are all part of the array of career services available to students.

Databases, electronic books, and scholarly publications are just some of the library resources available to Keller Graduate School of Management students.

Keller Student Portal

Students get access to technical help in the event they have any challenges with their online courses, such as forgotten passwords or login problems.

In addition, the Keller Portal allows students to modify their own profile information, including contact details like their address and phone number.

In order to facilitate student use, the Portal has been created with a simple layout and intuitive navigation. However, students can reach out to the Keller Graduate School of Management’s IT Help Desk with any inquiries or requests for assistance.

The Keller Portal is a helpful resource for students since it centralises and simplifies access to a wide variety of academic tools and services.

You should keep your login information for the Student Portal private and change your password frequently because it is a safe and personal platform. It is also crucial that you log out of the portal when your session is complete.

Since a result, students at Keller Graduate School of Management can’t do without The Keller Portal, as it gives them quick and easy access to necessary materials and allows them to take charge of their own academic progress. The portal’s intuitive layout and design make it a helpful resource for students at any stage of their education.

DeVry Help Desk

If you are having difficulty logging in, or if you have any other questions about the site, please contact theĀ DeVry Help Desk at 1-866-338-7934.