Devry Student Portal App – Here What You Need To Know

In an era where digital innovation is revolutionising education, DeVry University’s Student Portal App stands as a testament to this transformative journey. This app is not just a tool; it’s a gateway that connects students with a plethora of resources, tailored to enhance their educational journey.

Devry Student Portal App

Article NameDevry Student Portal App
Devry Student Portal LoginLogin
Official Website
Phone Number(630) 428-9086
Finance Phone Number877-496-9050
Human Resources Phone Number & Email Id800-323-4256 and E-Mail:
Registrar Office & Customer Service Number877-306-4283
DeVry Help Desk1-866-338-7934
Online Student Services Number877-496-9050


Features and Functionality

  1. Easy Access to Course Materials: At the heart of the DeVry Student Portal App is its seamless access to course materials. Students can download lectures, notes, and other educational resources, making learning a continuous process, unrestricted by location or time.
  2. Interactive Learning Tools: The app incorporates interactive features such as quizzes and flashcards. These tools make learning more engaging and effective, catering to various learning styles.
  3. Personalized Dashboard: Each student’s dashboard is personalized, displaying course schedules, grades, and upcoming assignments. This customization ensures that every student stays on top of their academic responsibilities.
  4. Communication and Collaboration: The app facilitates easier communication with professors and peers. Whether it’s discussing assignments or participating in group projects, the app makes collaboration more efficient.
  5. Administrative Functions: Beyond academics, the app also provides functionalities for administrative tasks. Students can view their financial aid status, tuition fees, and even enroll in classes.

Benefits of the DeVry Student Portal App

  1. Convenience and Flexibility: The app offers unmatched convenience. Students can access information and resources anytime, fostering a flexible learning environment.
  2. Enhanced Learning Experience: With interactive tools, the learning experience is significantly enhanced. It adapts to modern educational needs, making learning more dynamic and engaging.
  3. Improved Organization and Time Management: The personalized dashboard and reminders help students manage their time and academic tasks more efficiently, promoting better organization.
  4. Instant Access to Support Services: Whether it’s academic advising or tech support, students have instant access to a range of support services, ensuring a smooth educational journey.

If you have any questions about using the DeVry Student Portal App, please contact the IT Help Desk at 877-435-7483.

How to Access the app

Assuming that you have already downloaded the app and installed it on your device, here is how you can access the DeVry Student Portal App:

1. Open the app and tap on the “Log In” button.

2. On the next screen, enter your DeVry portal login credentials (username and password).

3. Once you are logged in, you will be able to access all the features and resources of the app.

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User Guide for the App

The DeVry student portal app is designed to help students manage their academic life while on the go. The app provides access to important information such as class schedules, grades, and financial aid information. It also allows students to connect with their peers and professors through messaging and email.

In order to get started with the DeVry student portal app, students will need to create an account using their myDeVry login information. Once they have successfully logged in, they will be able to view their academic information and start using the features of the app.

Some of the key features of the DeVry student portal app include:

-Class Schedule: Students can view their current and upcoming class schedule in the app. They can also add or remove classes from their schedule as needed.

-Grades: Students can view their grades for each course they are enrolled in. This information is updated on a regular basis so that students can stay up-to-date on their progress.

-Financial Aid: Students can view their financial aid information in the app. This includes information on grants, loans, and scholarships that they may be eligible for.

-Messaging: The messaging feature allows students to communicate with their peers and professors through a secure messaging system. This is a great way to ask questions or get help with assignments outside of class time.

Email: The email feature gives students access to their myDeVry email account through the app.


The DeVry Student Portal App is more than just a digital platform; it’s a companion in every student’s educational journey. By integrating technology with learning, DeVry University not only keeps pace with the digital age but also enhances the overall student experience. This app is a pivotal tool in the pursuit of academic excellence, tailored for the modern-day student.

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